Estate Litigation

As with any other area of the law, litigation sometimes proves necessary in the field of trusts and estates.  Our attorneys are frequently called to litigate the validity of a last will and testament when family members, who were usually “cut-out” of the will, think that the deceased person’s will was either fraudulently made or was made at the insistence of another family member, who typically is listed as the primary beneficiary of the deceased person’s will offered for probate.


Other issues which are ripe for litigation include: an attempt to probate a copy of the deceased person’s last will and testament, an argument between family members as to who is best suited to act as executor/administrator, issues of distribution under a last will and testament when the will contains a provision which is unclear, issues that arise when a spouse is not provided for under a deceased person’s last will and testament, allegations that an executor/administrator has not made distributions in accordance with the decedent’s last will and testament/in accordance with New York Law, issues that arise when an estate has a lot of creditors making claims against the estate, allegations that an executor/administrator’s accounting is not accurate and uncountable other issues that arise after the death of a friend or loved one.


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